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Dr. Estella Sneider 2


Dr. Estella Sneider, was born in Mexico City to a highly successful Lithuanian Immigrant father, from humble beginnings and her Peruvian born immigrant mother. She was taught from the very beginning of her life, the value and importance of family, education, diligence of purpose, and respect for the needs of others less fortunate in Society.

The youngest and only daughter in a family of four older brothers, she had to quickly learn how to practice the values instilled in her by her loving and highly successful parents. Her father’s lesson to young Estella was to always see the glass as half full, rather than half empty; would serve her well for the rest of her life. She was provided with a loving and stable home ruled by her strong disciplinarian mother, with whom from time to time Estella would experience confrontations; while she learned to spread her wings and grow. Her mother demanded perfection in all of her children and most especially, in young Estella. However, her mother also exposed Estella to the arts, music, dance, literature, theatre, sports, and the finer points of good manners and proper social intercourse; with people from all walks of life and economic strata.

These disciplines would come to serve Estella well as she grew into young womanhood and began her lifelong interests and pursuits in higher education. Educated in the best schools in Mexico City, her roots were firmly entrenched in the finest traditions of the Mexican culture.

At the tender age of eighteen, she was married to Eduardo Umansky and the couple was blessed with two loving children, Mauricio and Sharon. Estella, in the tradition of her familial background and teachings, inspired her children to be the best that they could be in life and today they are both highly successful in their own professions and pursuits.

Moving to the United States with her husband and two children in 1976, Estella fulfilled her dream for higher education. While learning to speak the English language she enrolled at the University of Southern California where she graduated Cum Laude while at the same time, still fulfilling her duties as a wife and a mother. In order to meet her familial obligations, and to create an educational schedule that would allow her to meet her requirements at home, she first attended The California School of Professional Psychology and later the California Graduate Institute of Psychology.

The latter gave her an extensive course of study in the area of psychological psychotherapeutic treatment, and bestowed on her both a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in Psychology, as well as two certifications with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. After completing three thousand hours of internship for Marriage and Family Therapy, she also completed an additional internship for Clinical Psychology; which culminated in her passing both Board Examinations that licensed her as both a Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist. Now, as “Dr. Estella Sneider”, she then completed a postdoctoral certification in Sex Therapy at the University of California Los Angeles.

With her intensive formal education behind her, Dr. Sneider commenced her private practice in 1986. She opened a small office, ‘Options Counseling Center’, in west Los Angeles and in 1989; she opened her much expanded and highly successful practice in Beverly Hills, California.

Having attained her personal goals, she turned her attention to meeting her obligations to mankind that her parents had taught her as a child. She closed her lucrative private practice in Beverly Hills, with the exception of a few patients, and turned her practice toward the less fortunate and the youth and elderly in the Hispanic Community. She began practicing her Psychology services at AltaMed Medical Services in five of their of their many clinics for medical treatments in Los Angeles, as well as the JWCH Institute.

Never one to be lacking in energy and higher aspirations and in alliance with the immensely talented Director/Producer Flor Siquerios, Dr. Sneider launched her new career in Hispanic television, with their highly anticipated Azteca America Network Pilot, “Dra. Corazon”! Using her extensive professional experience, and in concert with her two celebrity co-hosts, Miguel Paneke and Vanessa Medina, Dr. Sneider and her irrepressible personality and joie de vivre analyzed, advised and offered her professional opinions to a myriad of callers who had need of her expertise; to cope with their problems and issues in life. The show took a light hearted but sincere approach to bring some light to the problems encountered by all of us, with the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

On December fourth of 2007, Dr. Sneider was appointed by the Los Angeles County Office of Protocol to the Vice-Presidency of LA-MEX Sister Cities Organization. Later, in ceremonies held at Los Angeles County City Hall on December eleventh, the Mayor of Mexico City, the Honorable Marcelo Ebrard, officially welcomed Dr. Sneider and her colleagues at a special breakfast held in Los Angeles. In 2009, Dr. Sneider was elected as President of LA-MEX Sister Cities, where she served for one year.
In January of 2010 Dr.Sneider appeared on a segment entitled “Sex and You”, which lasted until October 28th 2011. Dr. Sneider continues to appear on Channel 22, covering news that has a psychological component to be discussed.

Dr. Sneider continues to create new goals and aspirations for herself in her life, and if her parents were still alive today; they would be very proud of her.

Guest 2

Alex Kwechansky

Alex Kwechansky

Fraud Protection Specialist

Alex Kwechansky specialist in discovery and resolution of business fraud activities.

Companies ranging from fashion retailers to coin laundries have turned to Alex to protect their businesses from the increased risk of fraud. His real-life private cases illustrate how fraud happens, how to recognize it, how to deal with it and how to protect a business. Above all, Alex understands the mind of the perpetrator. A business operations and investigations consultant by trade, Alex is an expert in identifying illicit operations and implementing measures to secure businesses. His consulting activities include financial and operational forensic fraud examinations, due-diligence, and operational studies for financing, expansion and restructuring. Alex is also the author of Never Underestimate Who Can Cheat You and a frequent news commentator about fraudulent business practices. His expertise includes cases of corruption, abuse of trust and authority, power plays, investment scams, money laundering, conflicts of interest, office politics, cover-ups, cooking the books, and more.




JONATHAN MARHABA – “He will never graduate high school.” This was the stigma surrounding my struggles throughout school as a severe dyslexic. Even with such discouragement I was able to cope with my learning challenges, graduate high school, and graduate college with a 3.9 GPA; while having a reading fluency equivalent to a fifth grader. The success of my story is the roots of the Jonathan Foundation, and the necessity of its presents. The effort put forth by my mother and the hardships my family was forced to endure is something no family should have to go through. There is no reason why a mother should have to watch her son drop two grade levels in reading in one semester before she would be “allowed” to obtain services from the District.

As a result of this domino effect my reading fluency dropped to a 1st grade level, while going into the 7th grade. All this was because the school district exploited our lack of knowledge in order to prevent giving me the proper services. With my self-esteem extremely low, it was my final placement at a non-public school that surrounded me by people who cared and understood me, and most important who believed in me. The services I then received due to winning the fight against the school district; allowed me to develop into the person I am today. There are so many factors that ensure the success of someone with a disability or a gift, which is the way I look at my dyslexia.

Event to support

Popular Young Actors Support “The Jonathan Foundation’s Fundraiser” To Aid Children with Autism and Learning Disabilities

Sunday, April 19 @ Marconi Auto Museum 


WHO:             Jacob Hopkins & Terrell Ransom Jr; Cartoon Network’s “The Amazing World of Gumball”, 

                       Ben Stillwell;“Grey’s Anatomy”, Nick AzarianCBS’s “The McCarthys”, Kiana Lyz Rivera; Immigrant

                       Noland Ammon; Nickelodeon’s “Awesomeness TV”, Tara-Nicole Azarian; Nickelodeon’s “The Kids Table”,

                       Dara Sisterhen“Victorious”, Ron Brown; NFL Retired Players Association, Kathleen Bradley; “The Price Is 

                       Right”, Clothing Designer Marisa Kenson, Former NASCAR driver Felix “The Nighthawk” Giles, IMatrix 

                       Software’s Thomas Leffler,Film & television writer/director Dave Shelton, Producer/Artist/Songwriter John

                       “Sly” Wilson, The Jonathan  Foundation’s Jonathan Marhaba, Advocate Speaker Keith Bonchek, et.al


WHEN:           Sunday, April 19, 2015


WHERE:         Marconi Automotive Museum

                        1302 Industrial Dr., Tustin, CA 92780

TIME:             4:30 PM         Media Check-in

5:00 PM         Red Carpet

7:00 PM         Event Begins


WHAT:           The Jonathan Foundation has established an Assessment Scholarship Program. Proceeds from the April 19th

Fundraiser will go towards funding assessments. The Jonathan Foundation advocates for children diagnosed

with Autism, Asperger’s Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, and XXX Syndrome.


RSVP/Media:  Edna Sims, ESP Public Relations

                        310.770.8117 m ~ espublicrelations@gmail.com



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