David Eugene Andrews @David_E_Andrews

The November 8th edition of EZ Talk Live featured highlights from the 2013 World Dance Awards. Testing a new format for the weekly show, Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley along with co-host TKO rapped freestyle, introducing the night’s guests and sponsors. The first guest, lovely actress Christina DeRosa, seemed to enjoy EZ’s and TKO’s dueling and blending style.

            EZ Talk Live featured the Co-Executive Producer of the World Dance Awards, Allen Walls, as well as “Uncle Earl” Lacy Darryl Phillips, who had invited ‘EZ’ to that third annual awards event. Although his brother and co-winner Rich Talauega had business in Amsterdam, Choreographer Tone Talauega arrived in the studio. Singer Ryan Fitzgerald received a Havana Watch for an earlier appearance, and later sang Something I Missed from his EP album Bigger Plans.

            “So many talented people in one room,” EZ told his listeners. “It’s amazing.”

            At the show’s kickoff, EZ asked Christina DeRosa, “What is the most awkward question a fan has given you?”

            “Oh, my goodness . . . will you date me?” Christina continued, “I don’t even know you. I don’t know your middle name. I don’t even know your last name.”

            “It’s funny you should say that, because of how we met.” EZ asked the actress, “Do you remember how we met?”

            “I think we met on the Red Carpet.”

            “It was on the Red Carpet, and you were flirting with me.”

            “I was flirting with you?”

            “I was doing my interview thing and—”

            “What did I say?”

            The conversation pivoted to Christina’s recent projects. Earlier this year, she co-starred in the movie 4Closed on Lifetime. It stars Oscar Winner Marlee Matlin and James Denton. Christina also plays a leading role in Christmas Twister, with Victoria Pratt and Casper Van Dien, also airing on Lifetime.

            “I also booked a “Series’ ‘Reg'” role, which is awesome, every actress’ dream.”

            “I’ve never head of that before,” EZ said. “A Series’ ‘Reg’ role?”

            “Well, a series’ regular. We shorten it by saying, ‘Series’ Reg’. It’s an actress’ dream.”

            “Tell us about the role. What’s the project?”

            “I play Melissa on a new TV show called Pick N Roll, a new Direct TV / Punch TV show. It’s a basketball series. I play a basketball coach’s assistant, really edging to get to the next level.”

            “My favorite project you’ve done Christina was a commercial and you got sawed in half,” EZ said. “You were looking so sexy when you did it.”

            “On Spike TV?”

            “Tell us about it, describe it.”

            “It was an awesome experience, playing on A Thousand Ways to Die. I played this very horny housewife—”

            “Sold!” TKO interrupted.

            “That was very frustrated, because her man wasn’t giving it to her, so she comes out of the house. She’s all hot. It’s hot outside. She’s got lemonade and cookies. These workers were outside with their saw, their tools. It looks really hot to see men with tools. It’s getting me turned on just thinking about it!”

            “Can you get her to trade places?” EZ asked.

            “To make a long story short, I get really excited and basically I get sawed in half, because I’m so turned on by these men and their tools. I’m not paying attention and boom! They’re not paying attention. And guess what goes into my stomach? I die.”

            “How did that even happen?” TKO asked.

            “A Thousand Ways to Die is based on real life.”

            After playing a clip from A Thousand Ways to Die, the show turned to the World Dance Awards.

            Marketing Director “Uncle Earl” Lacy accepted a special call from New York. “My mom is calling, too!”

            “The old lady still has a few new tricks,” Uncle Earl’s mother still acts on

Broadway. “Theater and art brings the world together.”

            EZ’s and WTV Network’s coverage of the World Dance Awards can be found at: http://thewtv.com/general/world-dance-awards-highlights-on-ez-talk-live/. The appearance of Patricia Ward Kelly, the widow of legendary dancer Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain fame) proved to be one of that evening’s highlights.

            EZ asked Co-Executive Producer Allen Walls, “Tell us about the preparation, all the wonderful oohs and aahs?”

            “Gathering the clip packages, that’s the main focus of the show in the beginning. You have to have a judging panel. Twenty of the top choreographers of the world come in. They look at all of the footage and vote on it. We narrow it down to five nominees, then we vote on that to see who wins.” Allen explained the process of finalizing the World Dance Awards show. “We find some super talented dance companies and some super talented presenters.”

            “You had Gene Kelly’s wife there!” EZ noted. “The World Dance Awards is speaking up for the ‘Behind the Scenes’.”

            “Well, it is. The choreographer is the unsung hero, the creative genius that is behind every artist. So much that is not known to the public as a whole,” Allen said. “I feel they need to be recognized for who they are. They really are directors. Back in Gene Kelly’s day, they were Director/Choreographer. The Director was the Choreographer.”

            “I must say you had some awesome entertainers. You had some ‘sick’ dance crews.”

            “As you saw, the show was based around the clip packages, the clip packages are really important.”

            “You had an awesome Red Carpet. I know Lacy ran the carpet for you, so what’s your position with the World Dance Awards?”

            ‘Uncle Earl’ hesitated. “Depends—”

            “Just ask the Executive Producer sitting next to you,” EZ interrupted.

            ‘Uncle Earl’ turned to Allen Walls. “What is my position?”

            “All around cool guy.”

            EZ introduced the next guest on the show, Tone Talauega. Tone, along with his brother Rich, had already won six times. He asked the legendary Dance Choreographer if he wanted to battle?

            “Those days are over,” Tone quickly responded.

            EZ granted Tone permission to be conceited and brag on the show. “Go for it.”

            “I worked with Michael Jackson for about 10 years. So basically—”

            “Enough said.” EZ paused. “I have a question for you. Do you know the origin of the Moonwalk?”

            “Everybody has different stories about where the Moonwalk came from, which originally was called the ‘Backslide’,” Tone said. “When it got to Michael, it got called the ‘Moonwalk’.”

             “He’s for real,” EZ told the webcam. “He knows.”

            “All the street dancers, they were actually calling it the ‘Backslide’. I think it was Ashley on Soul Train who discovered it from a dancer at the time named Jeffrey Daniel, who was part of a R&B group Shalamar. They had a conversation. Michael snatched him up.”