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Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley Bio 2014

 Born and raised in Orange County, California, Eric Zuley played basketball in high school. After studying marketing and communications at Saddleback College, he worked in sales and built up his savings. One night, while socializing with some friends, Eric saw free-styling rapping for the first time. EZ got bit by the “free-style” bug.

 With the help of his father Jim Zuley, Eric built a music recording studio inside their home. He taught himself how to engineer from scratch and produce music as well as write songs. Performing locally in Orange County, his band merged into a popular group called MCO. Aptly named, MCO stood for McOlogy, the study of MC’s. Later, Eric became a Radio DJ for with his friend Aaron Ervin, now known as TKO and a co-host of Good Game Guys, a show about the ins and outs of gaming. From his MCO experience, Eric met a music and TV producer, who gave EZ his first shot at hosting on the Red Carpet and on TV.

 Networking at Red Carpet events, Eric Zuley conducted numerous interviews became known as EZ, a handle given to him by his fans. With over 2500 Hollywood and business-based interviews, EZ founded WTV Networks in 2005. Formerly known as What U Need TV, WTV has a worldwide following. The WTV YouTube Channel has over 12,000,000 views and WTV has evolved into a very popular, web-based TV news and entertainment blog and You Tube channel. On the acting side, Eric has appeared in four films and in an Axe Body Spray Commercial, EZ played the lead music star. This international commercial was shot in Argentina which saturated the South America Market for three straight years.

 EZ has been recognized not only for his host and producing abilities, but also for who he is, a humanitarian, an entrepreneur, and an award-winning branding strategist. In 2011, the president of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) Jarvee Hutcherson named an award after Eric Zuley. Signed off and approved by both the City of and County of Los Angeles, this award is called the “EZ Achievement Award.” Chris Donovan, the current Director of the Spirit Awards and the former Director of the Golden Globes, presented it to him and the next year, the annual EZ Achievement Award went to Larry Namer, the Co-founder of E! Television. In 2013, Shellie Hunt became the award’s second recipient. A professional business strategist and motivational speaker, Shellie Hunt is the founder of Women of Global Change, as well as Success Is by Design.

 Eric Zuley has also been recognized by the U.S. Congress and received the Robert Novak Award, signed off by Congressman Brad Sherman. The award highlights EZ’s community achievements, as well as his worldwide outreach. Eric serves on the board member of the MMPA & ASYM, working alongside individuals like Sally Kirkland, Rupert Murdoch and Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles.

 Once known as the “Hollywood It Guy,” Eric started a TV talk show called “The EZ Show,” produced by him and Pepper Jay Productions, a decades old production company. “The EZ Show” is in its third season and is recognized as a TV series on IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. Its main premise is helping celebrity and business guests “interact with their fans.” It opens opportunities for viewers and can be accessed by using the EZ digital application, the “Eric Zuley EZ Way App,” available on Google Play and on iTunes.

 Staying true to his first love of branding, Eric founded EZ Way Promotions, a branding and advertising company specializing in social media marketing. Later, Eric became a channel owner and talk show host for Roscoes Media Center (RMC), the media arm of Roscoes Chicken N’ Waffles, the Southern California restaurant chain. For over seven months, hundreds of thousands of patrons saw Eric appear on screens located inside the popular restaurants. In China, meanwhile, Eric is recognized as a witty host on the widely viewed TV show, “Hello Hollywood.”

 Being the up-and-coming entrepreneur he is, Eric decided to start a radio and TV broadcast network in 2013. EZ Way Broadcasting currently airs seven weekly podcast radio shows, ranging from Beauty Pop Live hosted by Actress Millena Gay from Young and The Restless to Baby Boomers Live, co-hosted by Actress Reatha Grey and ‘Papa’ James Zuley. In just six short months, this station has become one of the top 500 stations on Blog Talk Radio. Perhaps the biggest podcast radio network in the world, Blog Talk Radio has over 1.2 million members and over 2 million shows. More recently, Eric has partnered and joint-ventured with some of the hottest new technology and TV channels. EZ currently partners on Channel 28 “True Indie TV.” TIN is an application-based TV Network with over 300,000 subscribers.

 In the non-profit realm, EZ supports organizations like Women of Global Change, STEP WITH US, Britticares International, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Red Cross. Over 500,000 people currently follow “The EZ Way” The best way to get connected to Hollywood.


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“The EZ Show were you connect with the stars”

The EZ Show was created by Eric Zuley and is executive produced by Eric Zuley and Pepper Jay.

The EZ Show is your  best way of viewing what is going on in Hollywood and the business world ‘The EZ Way”

EZ Takes you in his world to hang with the stars! Enjoy all the fun behind the scenes, social media tips and tricks as well as all the celebrity 411 before it comes out.

The EZ Show gives you fun, funny interviews, performances, fashion, entertainment news, sports plus advice of how the greats made it to be great.

We focus on finding out the challenges and stepping stones these established people went through to get to the success. The EZ Show is a green screen talk show that shows you the hot happenings within the month of what EZ has been up to. Plus interesting interviews and what’s going on in these guests careers. There’s only one way to do it. “The EZ Way” Better then the hard way right?

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EZ is now a proud partner of True Indie TV on Open Vision Networks Channel 28 The EZ Show also airs every Sat. 6:30 p.m. on TIN to watch it just CLICK HERE and download OVN Application Free.


He is currently executive producing celebrity choreographer Shane Sparks show “Planet Dance”

as well as former NBA star Maurice Ager’s show Sports & Music with Moe Ager on his channel EZ WAY TV



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