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Orange County, California is known for money, celebrities, and great weather.  However, the hottest commodity to come out of The O.C. is social media mogul Eric “EZ” Zuley.  For the last ten years, EZ has been branding himself as “The Hollywood It Guy” through his celebrity friends, Red Carpet events, and YouTube image and interview saturation while he has been teaching Hollywood, “how to do it the EZ way.”


After mixing it up with the A-listers in the Hollywood scene, “The Hardest Working Man in Hollywood” has returned to his roots in Orange County to focus on his social media empire which grows by the minute as he watches his 500,000 plus Twitter followers hang on his every tweet and his Facebook friends click the “like” button.  In 2012, EZ’s sales and entrepreneurial skills extended beyond his You Tube channel “What You Need TV” with over 15,000,000 viewers and his WTV Networks to start EZ Way Entertainment for film, television, and music production. Under that company, he created EZ Way Broadcasting for radio production. His radio network on Blog Talk Radio blasts the airwaves with its seven-day-a-week schedule of celebrity hosts who interview their celebrity friends to find out what is happening in the world of entertainment.  EZ also broadens his social media reach through ownership and affiliation with four editorial publications.

EZ has launched the careers of singers, dancers, actors, and hosts through his full-blitz social media marketing skills.  Eric recognizes talent and manages to put those talented people in the forefront of the media to make them rise to the top.  When dance, music, social media, and celebrities collide into one supernova of entertainment, Eric is somewhere in the mix bringing it all together.  That scenario is the subject of his newest 2013 hosting gig Dance Express.  Details of the show are soon to be released.


In the second quarter of 2013, the world of reality television and Eric Zuley meet in It’s Not About Me, a show that brings EZ’s style, business savvy, and celebrity friends to homes across America.  However, Eric’s fans are not limited to the United States.  Hello, Hollywoood, created by Larry Namer owner the Metan Development Group in China and co-founder of E! Entertainment is the hottest source in Asia for all things Hollywood which include Eric Zuley.  Larry and Eric, friends and business associates, feel China needs to know Eric and “The EZ Way.”


Even after receiving being Congressionally recognized; receiving an award in his name, The EZ Achievement Award, from the Multicultural Motion Picture Association signed by the mayor of Los Angeles and the council members; and receiving the Robert Novak Award, Eric still remains humble and refuses to boast about the hours he devotes to working with nine charities and helping to inspire students.


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“The EZ Show were you connect with the stars”

The EZ Show was created by Eric Zuley and is executive produced by Eric Zuley and Pepper Jay.

The EZ Show is your  best way of viewing what is going on in Hollywood and the business world ‘The EZ Way”

EZ Takes you in his world to hang with the stars! Enjoy all the fun behind the scenes, social media tips and tricks as well as all the celebrity 411 before it comes out.

The EZ Show gives you fun, funny interviews, performances, fashion, entertainment news, sports plus advice of how the greats made it to be great.

We focus on finding out the challenges and stepping stones these established people went through to get to the success. The EZ Show is a green screen talk show that shows you the hot happenings within the month of what EZ has been up to. Plus interesting interviews and what’s going on in these guests careers. There’s only one way to do it. “The EZ Way” Better then the hard way right?

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EZ is now a proud owner of a channel on Roscoes Chicken N’ Waffles new Media network Roscoes Media Center.

He is currently executive producing celebrity choreographer Shane Sparks show “Planet Dance”

as well as former NBA star Maurice Ager’s show Sports & Music with Moe Ager on his channel EZ WAY TV


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